Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stop The Barbaric Killing Of Macaques!

Government must stop the mass killing of macaques

The mass culling of a 100,000 macaques nationwide by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and PERHILITAN has stunned and sickened the nation. We condemn the inhumane killing of our native primates. The killing of 100,000 macaques in 2012 alone is staggering. The largest number killed was in the state of Selangor where 18,800 were killed in 2012. We are appalled that, despite receiving recommendations on methods of population control, such as sterilisation and relocation, the Minister Douglas Uggah Embas and PERHILITAN have resorted to this needless slaughter.  Furthermore, PERHILITAN had set kill quotas for each state. The setting of kill quotas is an irregular and improper method of culling.

We are particularly concerned that the ministry has remained silent on the methods used to kill the macaques. We have received credible evidence that the macaques are being killed in a cruel manner and without the supervision of qualified veterinary personnel.

PERHILITAN has claimed that the macaque population had far exceeded the proportionate capacity of its habitat.  What is the population census on macaques? And what methodology was exercised to come to the conclusion that the number of macaques exceeded the carrying capacity? There appears to be no evidence to support this.

We note that the Selangor government has instituted a “NO KILL POLICY” to deal with the limited macaque intrusion cases. The Selangor government has instead used the humane and effective method of translocation.

Our wildlife is already in such great peril yet PERHILITAN intentionally and barbarically hunts, traps and kills these poor animals. By this mass culling the ministry and PERHILITAN has painted Malaysians as intolerant, heartless and selfish beings who cannot coexist with other living beings. The continued mass culling is certain to jeopardise the survival of macaques. This is a matter of great public concern and the government has a duty to protect our wildlife and natural habitat.

We call upon the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and PERHILITAN to:
1.      Put an immediate stop to the culling of macaques.  
2.      Carry out sterilisation/translocation programmes in order to deal with cases of human macaque conflict

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