Monday, December 10, 2012

Disabled Children In Africa Still A Curse


Where It Is Considered a Curse to Have a Disability

disabled-child-being-helped-by-her-motherIn many African countries the birth of a disabled child is associated with bad luck. It is seen, even to the public as a curse or a punishment. What's more, the blame for the child's disability is normally placed on the mother. As a result, mother's of disabled children are often abandoned by their husbands, shunned and even ridiculed to the point of being called 'Witches'. 

Old but deeply rooted superstitions in African culture and beliefs cause many to regard a disability as a curse from the gods. Because of this and the fear of ill treatment by other's in the community, many babies with disabilities are killed. Those that aren't are hidden away and kept from having contact with the community and sometimes even members of the family. Little time and money is spent on their care and most of it is put into the abled bodied children.

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