Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Applause To The Real Animal Rescuers


AS investigations of criminal intimidation and defamation against me are now fully underway against the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB)'s blog and Facebook by our relevant authorities, I must say that it was most encouraging to come across some truly positive people in our Malaysian society with hearts of gold.

These, to me, are the true activists - ones who not only are able to feel passionately for all animals but equally for human beings as well.

They also very obviously have great sensitivity for the marginalised like the disabled and the elderly in our society.

In all honesty, how can anyone be anything else?

These persons obviously come from an excellent upbringing where they were taught and trained by their proud parents to respect all human beings.

They would obviously die than to hurt others, especially if the people concerned were disabled or elderly in some way.

These are people with high moral ethics and would never laugh or make fun of people in wheelchairs.

Rather they would rush out and protect the weak and disadvantaged in our society because despite whatever differences they might have with someone, they are not blind in appreciating the struggles that the handicapped have to go through in a world that - through neglect - was never catered for their needs and rights.

They also are fully aware that anyone can be disabled at any time and that we are all only growing older than getting younger. 

And with old age, disability is inevitable for everyone: rich, poor, black, white, fat, thin, etc.

These are today's true heroes who appreciate the role of therapy and service dogs and would never ever wish harm or evil to special dogs and their disabled human partners.

And these are the people I believe who have the magic and all that it takes to work with the local councils.

They don't bark and let off hot air at the authorities. They are persons with highly skilled strategies, diplomatic with kind words but firm and unrelenting when it comes to animal rights and welfare.

Most of all, they are achievers; not talkers who only rant and rave about what is not right in our society. 

I sincerely can't for the world of me see the many good people in our local councils working for change for our animals with the likes of the non achievers mentioned earlier.

To Daniya Subramaniam and all your animal rescuers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to give our strays each a loving human family and a home, I applaud you guys!

There is so much that our local councils and I can learn from all of you. Thank you!
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    • Daniya Subramaniam
      I can't believe how compassionate animal lovers can say such.. if at all a disabled had said that or reacted such towards animals, we as complete human beings should not use words as such i feel.. imagine being on a wheelchair for life... those words should not be used on them, it is not an easy life for them either.. we fight for animal rights so much, yes, how much do we read or do for the disabled? we don't and they are frustrated i'm sure.. so instead of saying things to them, i think, we as responsible citizens, and as human beings, have some courtesy to lead them instead of pushing them off further.. guys, if you believe in karma, your words may just hit you back.. leave alone if he is born an animal, imagine yourself being crippled for life in your next birth.. it is definitely heart breaking..

      19 hours ago · · 1 person

    • Daniya Subramaniam i am not siding anyone, i am just speaking my heartl.. i am an animal lover/activist.. but i am also a human being..
      19 hours ago ·

    • Daniya Subramaniam if he had said something wrong, fight pertaining to that and not mention the disability part just because you think you're perfect.. it will only take one major accident in your life to cripple you, remember that...
      19 hours ago · · 2 people

    • Puspa Rani Talk bout crazy ppl...these ppl so funnylah...I cannot tahan laughing, got so much of time to fight like uneducated idiots n than call ppl look who is psycho... Need psychiatric help edi.. I think my kid also will laugh at this idiot, one big clown in fb..can call my sister in law n threaten my family members...after that call n apologies
      18 hours ago ·

    • Michelle Woo this is just going too far....
      13 hours ago ·

    • Durvan Subramaniam wowzers...i don't know much bout this mddb group....but from one looks like it's the perkasa of the animal lovers.....
      12 hours ago ·

    • Puspa Rani Durvan... Believe me u won't wanna know em
      11 hours ago ·

    • Mogana Krishnamoorthi i guess sometimes we just forget what we've been fighting for...and its really sad to see such hatred among those claiming to be animal lovers,definitely not acceptable!
      9 hours ago ·

    • Michelle Woo i cannot understand how someone can say they LOVE the animals but HATE some one to that extend...i don't think it is at all possible...definately unacceptable..
      5 hours ago ·

    • Daniya Subramaniam
      puspa.. i think uneducated people are more compassionate and courteous.. no education sometimes make people humble and appreciate the real life and teach them to be at least respectful to the less fortunate.. those guys commenting on the disables think they're superior to God, too perfect.. best part, you remember our driver seat joke?? hehehehehehh!! i'm still laughing ;p see how imperfect people can see others' the same way if not worse?? you know the saying 'gajah depan mata tak nampak, tapi debu seberang laut they can see'... that's the classic saying made for them... puspa darls, i miss you!!!!! mmuuaaahhhh!!!

      5 minutes ago ·

    • Daniya Subramaniam mogana.. yeap.. sometimes fame and fortune covers the real purpose.. i guess they have not found their purpose in life, whatever they're doing is noble but with the icing of hatred and vengeance..
      3 minutes ago ·

    • Daniya Subramaniam michelle... you see that?? someone's possibly trying to fire up others into being non human beings.. i hope people wake up and see the real, you know..
      2 minutes ago ·

    • Daniya Subramaniam durvan.. not everyone at MDDB are like that.. only certain.. as i said.. they're doing good stuff.. just like a black dot on a white sheet.. i wouldn;t say all of them are like that, but some black dots can take them a long bad way..
      a few seconds ago ·

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viki said...

Hello, I am a homemaker and had adopted from MDDB, donated to SPCA, PAWS, etc and even helped in some of their fund raising campaign. I am actively with MDDB and what makes me wanna help them now and days to come is the sincererity they had shown in helping the abused dogs and accident victims which in many cases, 90% of people out there will PTS. But don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean other society/activist group is no better. They are also great in their own ways. Just that I have seen MDDB and there are things that makes me drawn to them just like you with other. That doesn't make us wrong.

In each and everyone of us, there are always black & white. No one is always right whether we like it or not, whether we are rich or poor, educated or not, healthy and normal or paralysed and whatsoever!..

Of course there are many ill comments and many good ones as well in anyone's blog, but that doesn't mean all within the society is bad. When one sees beauty and good, it also don't mean that particular person or society is a true gem. Everyone has their freedom of speech, like it or not.

It takes many years and commitment and time to walk hand in hand with a person in order to judge and comment, not just by looking at their blog and reading what their followers write. Followers are just normal people. It only takes one small mistake or word to defame ones reputation. As the saying goes when one do 100 good deeds no one bothers to know but when something bad it speads like wild fire.

Well, I had had very bad experience too before at a well known animal shelter and society and am truely devastated and dissappointed at the way my case is being handled some 15 years back and some 5 years back when I met back with this so call person behind the desk, she is still the same (ignorant, bad-mouth, ill mannered, and truely not fit to work at such a society)... but yet she is still there. Yet some people still support them. So what can I say? I just pray hard for the animals they saved!

viki said...

cont.... There are many many out there who love animals and many only loves pedigree, and many also hated animals and many more hated especially dogs but what can we say? I believe it also makes you angry too, right. There are also those who talk like a saint, who acted as if he/she knows alot, given the opportunity to media exposures and all yet never want to expose the truth. Why?

There are also those volunteers who did alot, give alot of their family time, personal time, feelings, sweat, tears, money, home space, love...etc and practically with no support from Governmental bodies, moreover they are being cursed at when they exposed the truth. Why?

I am not siding any particular person nor society, just speaking my mind and what I experience with these people. I am in no position to sentenced someone to their doom, I am not God, I am not perfect myself, I am just a homemaker with a child and hubby, 2 dogs (one bought and one adopted) and a cat (saved when a kitten, 1/2 dead in a warehouse some 11 years ago). I loved animals both dogs and cat and birds and anything that come my way but my ability is limited. My time is limited. My cash is limited. Even the smallest way possible, I still and shall do what I can from home to help.

Lets not look at the flaws but the goodness a person/society had done. A true animal lover helps when they see troubled animals (dogs/cats/whatsoever) in front of them, they may even go to great extent to help despite what people may think if them (people may say "orang gila tolong anjing sampai gini, itu anjing saja lah, kita manusia pun tak dapat tolong dari mereka..".. "orang gila anjing dah datang tu").. They don't carry balls and they do not move like a cow being drag by the nose. They just do whats best for the furry counterparts then which is saving them and giving them a 2nd chance to a better life if possible.

So to all who read this, do what you think right, don't act God, think from your heart and head and not your butt, see with your eyes... see proof and not hear news and rumours,...

I write not to laugh but to express my mind and not create enemies.


Anthony SB Thanasayan said...

Dear viki,

Thank you for your comments. You are entitled to your opinion and whoever you wish to support.

However, when a NGO that claims to care for animals have no scruples to insult people with disabilities and run down other human beings, they are nothing but hypocrites.

And I think the councils know this very well.

Anonymous said...

Viki, when MDDB mentioned, "KARMA - FOR SHOOTING DOGS" in regards to the 2 RELA men who lost their lives in that horrible accident, don't you think it's crossing the line? How'd you feel if one of the RELA men was a close relation of yours?

Is this the way an NGO for animals behave? With foul mouthed words, curses and threats of violence?