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Butchers Of Batu Pahat

Butchers of Batu Pahat

Stray dog killed after 'torture' by council wokers
Thursday, May 12th, 2011 12:21:00
Batu Pahat dog killers
BRUTALISED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: The dog is snared by the council workers
PETALING JAYA: A latest Youtube posting of a stray dog killed by Batu Pahat Municipal Council officers has caused uproar among the public and animal lover groups.
Many were angry at the apparent inhumane method employed by the officers as the dog was heard yelping in pain throughout the four-minute video.
Batu Pahat dog killers
The dog, after much struggle, is exhausted
The dog appeared to suffer greatly before finally succumbing to the effects of what was believed to be lethal injections administered several times.
The video ( posted by a user Silverpremacy on May 8 had attracted over 7,000 views and almost 500 comments at Press time, three days after it was posted.
Four officers were seen trying to catch the dog using the snares and, after much struggle, the exhausted dog was pinned down and injected. The officers used more force with the snares to put it down. Some say the dog was even choked to death.
In fact, a council staff gave a “thumbs-up” sign and asked the cameraman to move closer to the scene.
After the dog was motionless, the officers simply dragged the carcass for disposal. An officer was seen bringing a thrash bag after the dog was seen motionless.
Batu Pahat dog killers
A worker injects the dog, leaving it stiff and motionless
Most of the commentators expressed their shock and disbelief, mostly believed the dog should be treated in more humane manner.
EstherLai92 could not disguise her disgust, saying: “Dogs shouldn’t be treated the way they are treated here (in the video). Being a person who loves dogs, I do not agree with them simply putting stray dogs to sleep.... I’m sure SPCA or PAWS can handle them better than the way this video shows.... this is so cruel."
Another commentator, hyenyen said: “That is why Malaysia still cannot move forward because of the inhuman act towards innocent animals, in addition, Malaysia starting moving back to such an uncivilized act. This is really sad.”
However, ratana2205, says SPCA would have know how to handle the dog and they should have handled it instead. "Why give the job to someone who does not know how to do it? That's what is causing the uproar here.”
Batu Pahat dog killers
After being pinned down, a worker stamps on the dog

'No excuse for Batu Pahat council's ignorance'

ANIMAL lover groups were angered by the latest incident as this year has already seen several inhumane animal treatment cases, such as the Poodle the Dog case in January and the Cat Abuser case in Serdang.
Pet Positive president and Petaling Jaya City Council councillor, Anthony Thanasayan, said the Batu Pahat Municipal Council's officers might not be properly trained, but they could always get help from animal lover groups or the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS).
"There is no excuse for the council's gross ignorance."
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor president Christine Chin said it was obvious lack of proper training and understanding of the issue was the cause for such cases.
"I could not even watch the horrific video as there were too many of such cases already."
She said the local councils were mandated to clear pests and stray animals, including dogs. "However, these animals are treated with no regards to their welfare," she added and expressed hope that local council staff would be given adequate training with animal lover groups and relevant organisations to curb such abuse from happening.
Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better representative Wani Mutthiah was neither shocked nor surprised over the incident. "We have already established that local councils are the biggest animal abusers."
Despite the guidelines pertaining to animal care which had already been accepted by the Department of Veterinary Services, Wani said the local councils had gone ahead with their own ways of handling animals.
"The guidelines are there, but it is a question whether they (councils) actually follow them."
An online news portal reported yesterday that Batu Pahat Municipal Council president Salehuddin Hassan had invited the animal lovers to clear stray animals off the streets.
He said if they (animal lovers) had better methods to handle the issue, they were welcomed to help the council instead of complaining.

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