Saturday, May 14, 2011

Animal Activists Make Police Report Against Batu Pahat Council



ALMOST A DOZEN animal welfare and rights activists - including PETPOSITIVE - led by one of the most active animal rescuers in the city, Daniya Subramaniam, made a police report today here at lunchtime to decry animal cruelty in the country. 

The group was livid at the extent to which councils were mistreating dogs, particularly strays in the country.

Their latest anger comes at the Batu Pahat local council which caught and euthanized a stray dog in public not long ago. This was uploaded on the Internet and believed to be taken by a member of the public.

The video, believed to have been recorded sometime last year showed six men administering a lethal injection to a dog in the neighbourhood. A kind procedure that is supposed to take only a few seconds to put down an animal took almost a length of four minutes causing tremendous visible pain and suffering to the animal.      

"We demand justice for all innocent animals," said Daniya to The Star and Nanyang press that was present after the police report was made. 

"The municipal council and the workers should be charged in court for causing cruelty to the animal," she demanded to nods of support from the other animal activists. 

Petpositive was represented by Lynn Wong. 

The activists also called for an amendment to the local laws to ensure that animals are not subjected to cruelty by anyone, let alone by members of the council. 

"There must be transparency from local councils in the way they treat animals as the public, especially animal lovers, have the right to know what is going on," Daniya, who has rescued and re-adopted scores of dogs and cats to loving homes, pointed out. 

"The council should allocate funds for more animal shelters runs by qualified veterinarians in dealing with stray animals that literally have no voice in our country!" She concluded.

Today's police report is the first to be made against the Batu Pahat council for their actions. Several other similar police reports are said to also happen later in the day.  

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