Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thief Lets Dog Out; Council Puts It Down!

PETPOSITIVE SAYS: Here's an interesting but horrible story of carelessly by the UK local council where a pet dog needlessly died.

This goes to prove that Malaysia is not the the only one that sometimes makes blunders like these. Lack of education affects all people and all societies: 

4pm: Burglar lets dog out
6pm: Council puts it down

Trapped ... warden catches Lennox
Trapped ... warden catches Lennox

A FAMILY were left devastated when their pet dog fled home during a burglary - and was put down by the council two hours later.

Four-year-old rottweiler-cross Lennox darted from the empty house as the thief struck at 4pm. Members of the public called cops after spotting him in nearby streets.

Sad ... family with snap of Lennox
Sad ... family with snap of Lennox
A council dog warden sent to trap him assessed Lennox as "vicious" - and a vet put him down at 6pm. Owners, Sophie Johnston and her partner James Maskery, say they cannot understand why their microchipped pet was put down so quickly without them being called.
They are now considering legal action against Dorset's Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.
Sophie, 24 - mum to Freya, six, and Khan, four - said: "He was a big softie who was scared of the hoover. Even our kittens used to bully him. He was microchipped, so they should have at least called us when they found him.

"I could understand the decision if he'd hurt someone, but he didn't."
James, 21, said: "It's sickening. Lennox had never been aggressive before. He was probably just scared."
A council spokesman said: "We had no alternative. We received a complaint that the dog had tried to attack someone."
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