Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Please Help Petpositive Spread Animal-Assisted Therapy!

Petpositive: Working with all pets

A young man aged 22 with a spinal injury reaches out and pats a German Shepherd Dog name Zeus for the first time in his life.

Owing to his disability, he has led a very protective life. His parents never allowed him to keep a pet in his life - let alone go near a dog.

A smile, however, brightens up his face as he continues to stroke the therapy canine from PETPOSITIVE.

The canine lying on its side turns and looks up at him as it enjoys a good belly rub from his new human friend.

He forgets his disability for a moment and all the embarrassment that entails with being incontinent. 

Instead, he now focuses on what he can do positively to make the animal happy.

Meanwhile, two women with brittle bones in wheelchairs are delighted to see Reba the Shetland Sheepdog (left) at the informal animal-assisted therapy session that was held by Petpositive on Monday.

They are at first apprehensive. 

However the therapy dog - and mascot for Petpositive - soon calms them down in her own way. 

The women slowly build up the courage to touch the canine. 

Like the young man, smiles quickly light up their faces as they contemplate on having a companion canine in their lives.  

Speaking up for our rights
These are actual emotions that often take place in the lives of disabled (and elderly) people whenever they come up close and personal with pets.

Science has proven that animals possess an uncanny ability to reach down deep into the lives of vulnerable and forgotten groups.

With patients, pets have been able to go further where no medical or healthcare staff have ever gone. 

Pets like dogs, cats, birds and even fishes through their non judgmental and unconditional acceptance of people with disabilities give them hope and a sense of purpose in the lives. 

Through their interaction, they offer a miracle cure for the depressed and discouraged.

Creating awareness about animal-assisted therapy
Through our expert team of people with disabilities and the elderly who receive animal-assisted therapy as well as professional healthcare workers, we in Petpositive are currently looking to raise two hundred and fifty thousand ringgit (RM250,000) to carry out our unique mission in Malaysia in the next two years.

We require ten thousand ringgit (RM10,000) a month to make it happen for the disabled, the elderly and the animals that we work with. 

The funds will go out for numerous purposes such as towards the rental of our Petpositive Therapy Centre, the only one in the country.

Financial support is also needed to employ a a 24-hour caregiver and a day time staff-cum-driver of Malaysia's first PET+MOBILE van. 

Donated by CIMB Foundation, the vehicle with a special lift is equipped to transport disabled people and their pets to therapy sessions, the veterinarian and special outings. 

Please note that all donations to PETPOSITIVE is tax exempted. 

So please and kindly contribute to make our dream come true for our target groups.

For more information, you may write to or

You may also call us at +6-012-220 3146.

Petpositive is actively run by disabled and elderly persons who sit in our committee and supported by healthcare professionals who include specialist doctors, veterinarians, dentists and others.

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