Sunday, April 17, 2011

German Shepherd And Mongrel Attack Shih Tzu Owner

LATEST UPDATE: Officials from the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP) will be meeting up with the bite victim in her house to investigate the events leading to the animal attack on her.


The press have also been invited to cover the event. 

"The purpose of the news coverage is also to educate pet owners everywhere about their responsibility as dog owners to make sure that they are not a danger to the public," MPSP councillor Ong Koon Liak (Above) told PET+BLOGSPOT just before dusk.


The incident seems to have happened in the early morning when the dogs were let loose to ease themselves.


This was a common practice by the owner, it appears. Apparently the dogs had also attacked others previously.


It seems also that the dogs have disappeared and are no longer in the owners home.


The Department of Veterinary Services may also be invited to tomorrow's press conference at 11am. (End). 



Here's a disturbing report from The Star today about another dog- biting incident. 


This time it apparently involves a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and a mongrel, both from a same owner.


The GSD's involvement demystifies the belief by some supporters of the breed that GSDs or Alsatians in the country have yet to bite anyone. 


The fact is, any dog can bite anyone. 


The real culprit in such cases is the owner.


PET+BLOGSPOT has learnt that the owner, at lunchtime, was still in the hospital and that a police report against the two aggressive dogs will be made as soon as she has been treated for the dog bites.


This could happen either later in the day or tomorrow.


PETPOSITIVE will not be making further comment on this issue until we are able to find out more facts on the case.


We hope to get more information on the case soon.  


Sunday April 17, 2011

Shih Tzu owner attacked by dogs


NIBONG TEBAL: A housewife was attacked by two dogs when she took her pet dog for a walk at Taman Tambun Indah, near Simpang Ampat here.

The incident occurred on Friday and the victim, Lee Boon Chen, was admitted to a private hospital in Bukit Mertajam after the dogs a German Shepherd and a mongrel bit her.
Bloody encounter: An injured Lee holding her Shih Tzu at a hospital in Bukit Mertajam on Friday.

When met later, her husband Dr Lim Ching Syong, 51, said his wife took her pet Shih Tzu to a playground near her house when she was set upon by the dogs in the 7.30am incident.

“Both dogs, which were left unchained, ran towards our dog but my wife managed to carry it in her hands,” he said.

“However, the dogs continued to chase her, then charged forward, biting her near the chest before two women who were walking alongside came to her aid.

“The dogs' owner also rushed forward to help my wife and they managed to remove the dogs.”
The doctor said the owner had been warned several times previously to chain his dogs when he took them out.

“My wife and I will lodge a police report and also report to the (state) Veterinary Services Department,” he added.

Seberang Prai Municipal Council councillor Francis Ong Koon Liak said he would ask the veterinary unit to investigate whether the owner had licences for his dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Why were the dogs that attacked the owner not on a leash when they were out with the owner?

The MPSP must come down hard on the owner as not keeping pet dogs on a leash when outside the house is a punishable offense.

The dogs were not at fault. The owner was.

JD said...

Most pet owners don't understand dog psychology. Dog is a pack animal and the moment their pack instinct takes over it does not matters how well trained a dog is. Its back to basic pack instinct. Even from the little info available here, I can imagine what had happened. The Shih Tzu was roaming without being leashed and was attacked by the two bigger dogs. The owner comes to the Shih Tzu's rescue. When both the dogs was in the frenzy attacking they were doing it as a pack and not an individual dog. They will attack anything or anyone who tries to rescue their victim. The Shih Tzu owner must be injured in the process of rescuing her dog and even after she picked up the Shih Tzu the attack continued on her dog thus in that process injuring her as well. Dog owners do take some time to understand dog behavior, it can save you a great deal of pain and embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

You see, petpositive, look how dangerous these animals are. Why won't you make comments about it, bacause you are at the losing end. I dare you tp print all comments even the one that condemn petpositive. You are Bloody bias. When comments in your favour are shown only.

dmagic said...

Animals do not have a sense where they can differentiate good from bad, right from wrong. We human kill for greed, for them is just their instinct, their nature.

Dear anonymous, there is no such thing as these fellas are dangerous and we are not. Certain dogs don;t like cats, certain can live with cats. same thing applies here. This dog was let out by THE OWNER to ease and of course, not being used to another dog, he attacked the dog. And yes, the shih tzu owner was there at that time, so she would've gotten attacked in the process of saving the shih tzu. I have been attacked by dogs when i took mine for walks. No point shouting or blaming the dog as he can't think as well as the stupid owner can.

So, it is the bloody responsibility of the owner to take the dog for a walk on a leash. And why is that every time a dog attacks, the first thing that comes up is the license issue? A dog with license and without license attacking people has no link. Letting the dog loose was an utter mistake! Anyhow, yes, dogs or cats or snakes or bears ir whatever you can think of are dangerous unless trained or domesticated. I've watched grown lions behaving like dogs, so can you say all lions are kind to human and you can keep 'em at home? Even humans are dangerous, so shall we all kill ourselves for the mistakes of certain people who do bad stuff cause of the situations or their upbringing? If you make a mistake, can we blame your whole generation? So...

THINK!! We have that extra sense so use it wisely!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Petpositive,

The recent incident where the German Sheppard and the mongrel attacked the Shih Tzu owner is nothing very surprising. Do we need to really ask who is at fault here? The answer is so obvious that that the OWNER of the GSD and the mongrel is at fault. The owner disregarded others safety and assumed that it was right not to leash and muzzle his dogs which is incidentally listed in the local dog ownership by-laws. This “tidak apa” or ignorant attitude is very same reason that pet responsibility amongst pet owners should be enforced. This dog attack case involved owned dogs. What about cases of stray dog attacks? Does it happen a lot in Malaysia? ALL THE TIME! Although most times these cases are not reported!

To make matters worse, many people have been referring to local animal welfare sites that are quite active on the internet for advice on pet issues. There is one particular animal activist cum adoption group that runs a Blogspot and Facebook account, which has condemned the local councils regularly when they organise dog catching sprees to catch roaming dogs. The self professed militant group through their social network accounts also gives rather bad advice to their readers and supporters probably because of their biasness towards the councils, their ignorance or the help spur their fundraising efforts. It is also mentioned somewhere that the founder of the group “feels more for dogs that she feels for humans!” I suppose that is why she has been giving all that ridicules advice and she doesn’t give a hoot when and innocent gets bitten!

Anonymous said...

This vulgar, ignorant and hypocritical group has also condemned a local council in the past, saying that the council dog catchers have been nabbing some dogs in the evening when their owners release them out for a while (to defecate/mark territories). By saying this, are they in agreement that one doesn’t need to at least leash their dogs when they bring them out for walks? By the way, a sudden 360 degrees because of the news article in The Star paper today about the lady being bitten while protecting her pet Shih Tzu, the group finally commented in their social network page - “This people will not learn that they cannot take their dogs for walks leash free”. Talk about being hypocritical! Do they really have to wait for something to happen before making this statement?

They have also been warning and condemning a council that catches free roaming strays that they supposedly upkeep, by feeding them late at night. They claimed that these strays were not a nuisance and they only come out at night. This is to say that innocent people would not be attacked by those strays or create all sorts of nuisances because its night time? Does anyone remember the incident in Klang where a 3 year old Chinese boy named Lex Lim was attacked by a pack of stray dogs? The violent attack left him with 43 stitches on his arm, legs and body. What about the recent incident also in Klang where a mother dog attacked some elderly people? Incidentally, there was no mention of the latter incident or any other incidents that project negativity towards strays by that animal group. I suppose projecting negativity towards strays would make it difficult to get attention towards their fund raising efforts. A major taboo under the “Fund Raising 101” guidelines!

Anonymous said...

Another issue that really bugs me, from what I noticed, is that this particular group always seem to avoid many important issues posted by readers by either deleting many reader’s constructive criticism and comments or deviation from the truth which is their modus operandi. One example of their ignorance is their advice to dog owners that they do not have to license their dogs with the local councils. When one reader asked them about it their comment was so nonsensical that it deserves no mention! What I don’t understand is that coming from an activist cum animal rescue or welfare group that claims to have all the answers to help solve the stray related problems in Malaysia, militant or not, shouldn’t they be more responsible and admit when they’re wrong?

Lastly, there is something I would like to mention about their adoption drives held mostly at shopping centres where it seems they give away dogs for free. I believe there is a downside to this method mainly because at a shopping centre people might be adopting on impulse not realizing about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. If the dogs are lucky, they end up being homed with responsible owners or are returned to the group after being cursed at! If unlucky, they may end up back on the streets or worst yet, abused! Also, I have heard from some friends that happened to visit their adoption drives that they practically force puppies on total strangers! It is very similar to what credit card membership sales people do outside a hypermarket! Sometimes according to some, these encounters can be quite rude and vulgar! Militant or just plain rude, are these the right methods to employ when organizing pet adoptions? Why are they leading so many astray with their shenanigans? Is it really to improve the stray problems in this country or merely for personal gain and glory, or personal vengeance as mentioned by many others?

In the end of the day, I count my blessings that slowly but surely, some people have woken up and eventually realized the tomfoolery of this particular group that if continued to operate may worsen the stray situation in Malaysia.

Crystal Waters - Malaysian

Gee said...

1. Everyone (dog owners and the public) should be educated on dog psychology.

2. How a dog behaved is determined on how the dog was brought up by the owner. If you chained the dog for 24 hours, you will get an aggressive dog at the end of the day. Try chaining yourself up for 24 hours and ask what will happen to you.

3. Stray dogs are naturally friendly (through my own experience) until they are abused by the public and they will turn aggressive. Who is to blame? Human beings.

4. Hence, dogs don't attack unless provoked (provided that dog has never been abused in the past nor has been chained up irresponsibly for 24 hours).

5. Also, The Star did its reporting irresponsibly and inconsistently. It projected the news as if the German Sheppard attack the woman just like that. It is so obvious that the German Sheppard was attacking the smaller dog and woman tried to protect the dog and was therefore bitten.

6. The owner should put its German Sheppard on the leash.

7. Most importantly, children are capable of lying. Please note that. I once saw a small boy throwing stones at a dog standing near my car and the stone hit my car. I called him up and he told me immediately he did not throw any stones. Don't believe what the newspaper reported as I know children are capable of lying.

8. I reiterate my point: Dogs don't attack unless provoked.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony Thanasayan,

I would like to congratulate you for your boldness in speaking up not only for disabled rights but also animal rights as well.

You are not a sicko like a few animal activists that I know and certainly not a coward like them.

So far your outspokenness in sometimes defending local councils and their control of stray dogs and cats have been notable.

I am glad that you speak with utmost conviction and working with the councils isn't just another job for you.

I applaud you for even speaking out against a particular dog group. You have proven them wrong over and over.

Despite your deep struggle with disability, Anthony Thanasayan has triumphed over all odds.

What an inspiration you are for so many. May God continue to bless you richly.

Kris Tan said...

I couldn't agree with JD more.

The dog group (name deleted by Blogger) is truly notorious.

It's being run by a crackpot who claims that she is a dog lover. Probably trying to get a name or title for herself.

She has already made tons of enemies among animal rescuers and thinks of herself as the Queen of animal rescuers.


Keep on exposing this group Mr Thanasayan.

I think it was great that Pakatan picked you as Councillor.

You are doing a great job for the animals in MBPJ and MPK!

Warm regards!