Friday, March 25, 2011

I Am Not Against The DAP, Says Anthony Thanasayan

Thanasayan: I am not against any party
aNt's aNgle:

I RECEIVED a comment recently by a writer who wanted to be known only as KY. 

He appeared to be very puzzled with me lately and wanted to know why he thought that I had changed so much.

He said: 

"You were once a STAUNCH SUPPORTER of Pakatan Rakyat; you practically supported any party within the Pakatan Rakyat alliance without doubts; disagreement. However, things seems to take a change recently."

He went on: 

Protest in support of disabled hawker
"May I know why are you suddenly "SO AGAINST" DAP??? Could you have been "BOUGHT" by Barisan Nasional to defame its' rival??? Could you now be another so-called "ROCKY BRU" in the making???

"Well, common sense tells me the reason why you had changed your TARGET is NOT becos' merely of some DEAD PUSSIES, BADLY BASHED-UP DOGGIES or even some petty issues relating to DISABLED hawkers. 

Handing over memorandum to Dr Xavier Jayakumar
"I thinks it's more of trying to cause RUCKUS using your blog articles to DEFAME your PAYMASTER's rival as instructed by your PAYMASTER. Could this be TRUE??? Pls clarify."

Well KY, here's my answer to you (and to anyone else out there wondering about the so-called ' new Anthony Thanasayan' as you put it):

Thanasayan at a MBPJ forum with DAP's Ronnie Liu
First of all, I am NOT against the Democratic Action Party or any other political party for that matter.

Petpositive, for your information, is essentially apolitical.

It is just unfortunate that the DAP happened to have crossed paths with two of my closets concerns recently.

Animal groups protest against DAP
The first is the disabled hawker controversy. 

It was totally inexcusable how certain members of the DAP were obviously giving in to some vegetable sellers who were clearly eyeing a better spot in the market.

This is illegal as lots were already drawn out half a year ago where everyone got a slot according to what was cast. 

The disabled woman had a special slot which was designed for her wheelchair. 

Giving all sorts of excuses just to get her out of her place was not only unethical but morally wrong. 

What was worse, some able-bodied persons in the political party were trying to decide for the disabled which was a big "No! No!"

A total number of seven police reports were made against a DAP councillor for intimidation and abuse of power. 

Those allegations are now being investigated by the Petaling Jaya City Council's audit committee.

The second incident is regarding the role in which the DAP played with a self-confessed kitten killer. 

Petpositive in which I serve as President and other animal rights and welfare groups were totally against the DAP's role in getting involved in the issue in the first place and even in their so-called 'neutral platform' role. 

Animal cruelty is a crime that is punishable by a jail term. 

What the DAP should have done was to have handed over the woman to the right authority such as the police to take action against her crime.

Any other action other than having her prosecuted is seen to have played a supportive role to an animal killer.

Once again, I am NOT against the DAP. 

However, I do seriously question the unconventional methods taken by some new DAP leaders over these two issues which are paramount to Petpositive. 

Please remember that I am an elected member of our national society in which our main goal is to protect the rights of disabled people and animals.  

I hope my explanation has clarified my role in these two matters. 

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Anonymous said...

Anthony - It is good that u stand for the values u believe in. DAP leaders are young and immature and they were swept in by the March 8 political tsunami. Like little boys sent to do a man's job. They have failed miserably as good administrators. Maybe they are too long in the opposition and clueless in governing. It is sad that the battle cry of DAP in the last general election was "CHANGE". Have we changed?

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Justice for the kitten! Screw animal killer protectors!

Anonymous said...

This KY should be given a KY Gel....How can you accused somebody just like that...i think he must be a blind guy...we are talking about the animal blindly support a party which like to promote disunity among the races in malaysia....No other things to talk except race,language & religion issues...goondooo....

Susleen said...

Only animals lovers would understand issues that concern around animal welfare. Like that only disable would know their needs better!

We can't actually hope for people who make soup out of cats and dogs to understand matters like this.

Is either we get the message across now or regret it later when is too late.

What KY doesn't understand is no matter it was BN, PAS, PKR, or PBS who supported the kitten killer, thoughtful animal lovers are still againts it! Get it People?