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Don't Use Dogs Merely As Alarm Systems

Malay Mail March 8, 2011

Tracking animal tormentors

Veterinary Services Dept to scour the web for abuse tip-offs
Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 11:11:00

PETALING JAYA: The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) will increase its online monitoring activity to curb animal abuse.

This comes in the wake of two high-profile cases this year, revealed and investigated by The Malay Mail team.

DVS enforcement officer Jamadi Badri said: "My enforcement team will conduct more checks on the Internet as an increasing number of tip-offs seem to be coming from social networking and file-sharing sites.

"Last year saw a rise in the number of animal abuse cases reported nationwide. In the five cases reported, all the culprits were taken to the magistrate's courts."

He said this was an increase from 2009, when only three cases were reported. All three were charged in the courts and fined RM200.

"These abuses were committed by owners against their own pets and reported by members of the public. All the abused animals for both years were dogs."

Jamadi hoped the public will continue to be vigilant and alert the department of such cases.

"The public are our eyes and ears," he said.

Our first report on Jan 25 had highlighted the video of a poodle caught being abused by a man who had yelled at the canine, hit it repeatedly and flung the animal across the room.

Our second report last Thursday revealed a young woman who used an umbrella to poke and then kick, beat and stomp kittens to death.

These reports had drawn flak from both Malaysians and foreigners who went online to express their disgust and rage over the animal abuses.

'Pet owners must be responsible'

"PET owners are the real devils," lambasted Assisted Animal Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly president Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan.

"Very often, such cruel acts are perpetrated by the dog owners themselves."

He said some only reared dogs for the sole purpose of guarding their own safety and protection.

"They might as well get an alarm system, this being the most disgusting reason to have a dog. When their pets fall sick, they aren't attended to and these poor animals are left to fend for themselves.

"Dogs are loyal to their owners. Most of the time, they remain so in spite of the cruelty they endure."

Thanasayan, who is also a Petaling Jaya Zone 13 councillor told The Paper That Cares: "Many local councillors don't have a proper action plan to address animal abuse. They should work hand-in-hand with non-governmental organisations.

"Why just issue licences? Use that money and publish a guidebook on responsible pet ownership."
He said animal care groups were often not involved in long-term animal welfare programmes and urged them to become involved with their local councils.

"Looking after an animal is a lifelong responsibility. It is as serious as child rearing. Those intending to have a pet must seriously think about all matters related to caring for an animal."

Commenting on the recent spate of animal abuses, he said: "I'd like to see stricter laws implemented to punish those found torturing animals. I may be a fanatic but better safe than sorry."

Animal abuses caught on camera

Youth abused kittens
THE latest episode of a 21-year-old woman from Serdang, who apologised at a Press conference on Sunday for abusing three kittens, was one of several animal abuse cases which surfaced online and was first reported by The Malay Mail.
Our report revealed Chow Xiao Wei had brutally abused three kittens to death in the five-minute closed-circuit television footage by using an umbrella to poke and then kick, beat and stomp the kittens.

She admitted she only realised she had made a mistake after she viewed the video clip.
"With all honesty, I sincerely apologise to the community, especially animal lovers, for my shameful and cruel acts against the three defenceless kittens.

"I couldn't control myself and admit I made a huge mistake. I regret my actions."

She said her mother, Cheong Poh Ling, was upset with what she had done and had taken her to a hospital to undergo psychological evaluation.

Poodle bullying on Facebook

(Reported by The Malay Mail on Jan 25)
Poodle abused
THE video of a poodle being abused by a man was posted on YouTube after a woman claimed the video file was on a flashdrive she found at Suria KLCC. She claimed to have uploaded the video onto her Facebook profile  page.
The 15-minute-long-clip featured a man yelling at the canine in an attempt to make it stand on its hind legs. It showed him grabbing the puppy roughly, hitting it repeatedly on its body and shaking it vigorously. The poodle was tossed to the ground and flung across the room after it was smacked.

It is not known when this cruel act occurred. Animal lovers called the act “shocking and despicable”.
After The Paper That Cares highlighted the video, an online witchhunt took place to trace the man. Several of those named by self-appointed detectives had come out publicly to declare they were not involved.

Early last month, a possible suspect in the poodle abuse case was traced to an address in Cheras but authorities found the house vacant.

DVS director Dr Fazilah Aini speculated the abuse may have taken place three years earlier and possibly in another country.

Tiger torture at A'Famosa

(Reported by The Malay Mail on May 26, 2010)
Tiger abused
UPROAR against alleged mistreatment of a tiger at the A’ Famosa Resort in Alor Gajah, Malacca, began after a YouTube clip was uploaded by a witness to the incident early last year.
In the video, a staff clad in an A'Famosa uniform marked "Stunt Show 6" kicked the tiger's paws with his foot.

Another handler was seen kneeing the animal in the head, pulling its nose and whiskers and smiling at the video camera.

The witness had stated on his Facebook page: "They hit it, then jumped back (just in case it bit them, I presume).

When they made the move to hit it again, the tiger cowered, backed up with its ears flat, afraid of getting hit. It was heartbreaking."

Public outrage against this incident led to a rally outside the resort in May last year and inspired the Facebook group "Stop Animal Abuse at A' Famosa".

In response to allegations the tiger was drugged and abused, A’Famosa general manager Allan Chee had said: "There is no evidence the tiger was drugged or abused by its handler."

He had said the animal was a captivebred tiger and considered tame and comfortable around humans.

"How can we abuse the animal? It costs about RM30,000 to RM40,000 per tiger. Of course, we wouldn't hurt it, let alone drug the animal."

Following the report, the Wildlife and National Parks Department conducted a drug test on the tiger on June 14 last year. The test result have yet to be made public.

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