Monday, February 14, 2011

Monkey Massacre In Gasing Indah

LATEST 11.15pm: Residents are now claiming that the people who shot the monkeys were wearing a blue uniform rather than a green one which is used by Rela officers.

They said that the stench from the monkeys' carcass that were killed was unbearable. 


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DISTURBING REPORTS are coming in of what appears to be an illegal monkey culling exercise that was conducted here recently. 

This has left residents to be not only seriously concerned about the cruelty that was inflicted on the primates, but they are now also very worried for their own safety.

They fear a possible backlash. 

They worry that the injured monkeys and those that survived might come into their homes in a desperate attempt to find food.

The alleged unauthorised monkey shooting which is believed to have occurred on February 1 created a sudden "migration of monkeys" into the neighbourhood and homes, said one resident.

"The monkeys were really trying to escape after the shooting - and now those that are mortally wounded may be forced to turn on us as they are no longer capable of hunting for food on their own," he added. 

An eye-witness claims that those responsible for the shooting of the monkeys were from the RELA Corps, a volunteer group of Malaysians who act as paramilitary civil corps that were formed by the Malaysian government.

PET+BLOGSPOT has learnt from a very reliable source that it is becoming increasingly evident that RELA had acted on their own initiative when they went after the monkeys.

Any action involving wildlife can only be done by Perhilitan (Department of Wildlife and National Parks) or together with them.

A hefty fine of RM10,000 waits for offenders.

Elizabeth Wong acted at once
PET+BLOGSPOT has learnt that Perhilitan is already investigating the matter after it was brought up to them today by YB Elizabeth Wong, Selangor State Exco for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and the Environment.

Derek: Shocked by it all
The matter was first highlighted to her by MBPJ Councillor Derek Fernandez after it was brought to his attention by Eric Chew, the deputy chairman for Gasing Indah's Rukun Tetangga.

Stay tuned for more developments as and when we get them. 

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