Monday, January 31, 2011

Local Councils In S'gor To Set Up Disability Committees By Feb End

aNt, Sharipah & Ronnie with guidebook

MALAYSIANS WITH DISABILITIES in Selangor have good reason for plenty of cheer on this Chinese Lunar New Year. 

They will finally be able to see some positive changes happening for them in the state soon. 

Disabled directive
All 12 local councils in Selangor have been ordered to set up disability committees within a month as part of the state government's plan to improve the quality of lives of disabled Malaysians in towns and cities. 

The instructions, which came from Selangor's local council (PBT) chief Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew on Monday last week in an official meeting of local councils, gives each PBTs one month to comply with the directive. 

MBPJ Disabled Committee on the ground
The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), however, has been exempted from the ruling as they already have a very active disability committee going within its council since the Pakatan government was formed in 2008. 

All the 11 other councils will have to set up their committees by the end of February next month.

Technical advice to KTM
Those that have been meeting irregularly will have to meet more regularly now. 

They will have to actively include and work with people with disabilities with all types of categories at least once a month. 

This is so as to make sure that the agenda for the handicapped in each local councils are actively pursued within the local government.

MBPJ's disabled committee in progress
This development came about after town planning expert Sharipah Marhaini and MBPJ Councillor met up with Liu on January 21 at his office. 

Marhaini handed over to him a detailed guidebook on how local councils can effectively set up disability committees of their own.

This will be handed to every local councils soon.

The MBPJ's Technical Committee for Disability will be launched after Chinese New Year and a special seminar for all local councils in Selangor on disability will be held soon after. 

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