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Will Ipoh Mayor Ban All Dog-Shooting?

LATEST: We understand that State Executive Councillor for Local Government Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon commented today about the Ipoh dog-shooting tragedy, saying that something should be done about it.

He was reported to have made his comments in his speech at an Ipoh SPCA function on Sunday afternoon.     


ANIMAL LOVERS and ordinary citizens are beginning to get more optimistic now about the possibility of dog-shooting becoming a thing of the past soon in the city of Ipoh in the state of Perak in Malaysia.  

This follows a shocking incident on October 30, last month. 

Dogcatchers from the Ipoh City Council (MBI) SHOT DEAD a therapy canine belonging to an elderly resident in the city.

To make the situation even more deplorable, her dog was wearing a valid license at the time. 

It was a senior dog and one that was loved by many in the neighbourhood.

The woman was also a member of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (PETPOSITIVE).  

The 75-year-old senior from Taman Merdeka was about to take her pet for its daily walk when the animal was chased and brutally killed by the council staff.  

The barbaric incident raised a furore among the public when it was highlighted by PET+BLOSPOT and Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook.

There were scores of sympathetic, bewildered and even angry responses to this Blog by readers who were outraged over what had happened.

The media like The Star, The Malay Mail, Malaysiakini and Astro radio station's LiteFM broadcaster also picked up the story.  

PET+BLOGSPOT is currently conducting a readers' opinion poll where most of you have already indicated to us that you believe that the negative publicity against the MBI over their action will possibly force them to abandon their dog-shooting practice in a matter of time.

However, there were also a good number of you who thought otherwise. You expressed your doubts about whether the "hard-headed council", as you described it, would even flinch by the public condemnation.

There was also a small group of you who candidly opined that you had no idea how the MDI would respond to the situation. So there is no telling what is really going to happen.

We are also running a second opinion counter. This is to ask if you thought that the mayor should do the morally right thing and meet up with the elderly woman to make amends for the council's terrible mistake.

Your response was unanimous. "YES!" you said.

This is in line in what we in PETPOSITIVE also believe at this time. 

In fact, we strongly feel that it would be very much in the mayor's favour if he did exactly that as doing so would give him an image as a good, humble and caring government leader who sincerely has his peoples' interests at heart. 

After all, what kind of a human being anyway would deliberately want to go out and blow the brains out of an animal that was offering therapy to a helpless old woman?

Only a sick individual and an even sicker society will do such a thing. 

For the mayor to make the first step would be marvelous.

It would be something that would almost immediately earn the praise of everyone who is outraged by the incident. 

It would also be a clear sign that a start has started within the MBI in the way the council will view animal welfare and rights from now on. 

And perhaps, more importantly, (from the point of view of the council) it will illustrate a very important characteristic - the man at the top truly has a heart for his people, especially for the vulnerable groups in the city.

This week, there are several important things to look forward to: 

  1. The outcome of Member of Parliament for Ipoh Barat M Kulasegaran's meeting with the Mayor over the matter. Will the top man in Ipoh finally ban all dog-shooting and seriously look into effective methods of stray management? 
  2. The press statement by the MDI over the therapy dog killing. So far, none has been issued to date. But when they do give a statement, will they be remorseful for their actions or defiant?
  3. The press statement that will be issued by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) at a special conference. Will the DVS condemn all dog-shooting and push the local councils to adopt more effective and humane methods of dog-management?
  4. The DVS meeting with government bodies, local councils and animal NGOs. Will everyone finally work together to come up with a common goal and solution to the so-called 'canine problem'?"
On this special meeting, here is a comment from PET+BLOGSPOT reader Suraiya that is worth for us to ponder on:

"Well, this is good news Anthony. Although it remains to be seen just how constructive the meeting with DVS Director General Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin, will turn out to be.

"Having a meeting is one thing, what the council and other related authorities will actually commit to, is another.

"But, without dialogue, we cannot even open the door to negotiation.

"Hopefully, the complaints and suggestions raised by the NGO’s will be given full consideration and result in comprehensive policies being drawn up AND implemented (we see too much of one happening without the other to know that without proper and consistent implementation, a bad situation just gets worse.)

"We are a nation of deep-rooted cultural and religious practices, and yet we repeatedly, and without shame, display a shocking lack of civic-mindedness. We brazenly show we have little empathy for the helpless and the weak -- and that especially refers to animals; mostly dogs, that is. 

"How did we get this way? More importantly, why did we get this way?

"Suraiya - believes that animals are people too."

Saturday, November 06, 2010 2:37:00 PM

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Irene Chan said...

I think it is great what you guys at Petpositive are doing.

For one thing, this blog PET+BLOGSPOT has managed to raise a lot of awareness about not only the issue about dog-shooting and animal-assisted therapy but on other topics as well.

As pet-lovers, we - and I - are fully behind you on your important mission this week.

Keep up the good work!