Friday, November 05, 2010

Special Meeting Next Week Following Ipoh Dog-Shooting Incident



THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY SERVICES (DVS) will be holding a special open dialogue and press conference on animal welfare and rights as early as next week.
The all-important meeting is being called following PET+BLOGSPOT's and PETPOSITIVE's breaking news story in The Star this week on the shocking shooting to death of a therapy dog belonging to an elderly woman in Taman Merdeka, Perak, by the Ipoh City Council.  

The important meeting is being called by the DVS Director General Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin. (Right)

The news was conveyed directly to PET+BLOGSPOT via a SMS message this afternoon.

According to Dr Aziz, the purpose of the special meeting is to "activate and legitimize the Animal Welfare Council (into action for all animals in the country)".

Invitations to the open dialogue will be extended to all local councils and all relevant government and veterinary bodies. 

Nongovernmental groups such as Petpositive is being invited. 

So also is SPCA, PAWS Animal Welfare Society and the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation.

Others include Furry Friends Farm, Noah's Ark and many more. 

They will all be able to give their views at the special meeting.   

All praise for DVS
In an immediate reaction to the news, Petpositive President Anthony SB Thanasayan welcomed and praised the initiative of the DVS.

"Datuk Dr Aziz certainly needs credit for hitting the nail on the head with his very timely move to hold this vital meeting," he told PET+BLOGSPOT. 

"Our animals have suffered enough already and animal activists and groups have grown weary over the lack of respect of our society towards the lowest, voiceless and defenseless creatures.

"With the DVS' positive step forward to empower the Animal Welfare Council, local authorities will be forced to abandon their current lackadaisical attitude towards animals under their care, especially dogs," added the local council chairman of the Canine Advisory Teams (CAT) of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).     

The venue will most probably be at the DVS' headquarters in Putrajaya.

The DVS will issue a press statement at the special meeting on the Ipoh Therapy Dog-Shooting case.

Keep it right here for further details of this positive development.

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Anonymous said...

Well, this is good news Anthony. Although it remains to be seen just how constructive the meeting with DVS Director General Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin, will turn out to be.

Having a meeting is one thing, what the council and other related authorities will actually commit to, is another.

But, without dialogue, we cannot even open the door to negotiation.

Hopefully, the complaints and suggestions raised by the NGO’s will be given full consideration and result in comprehensive policies being drawn up AND implemented (we see too much of one happening without the other to know that without proper and consistent implementation, a bad situation just gets worse.)

We are a nation of deep-rooted cultural and religious practices, and yet we repeatedly, and without shame, display a shocking lack of civic-mindedness. We brazenly show we have little empathy for the helpless and the weak -- and that especially refers to animals; mostly dogs, that is. How did we get this way? More importantly, why did we get this way?

Suraiya - believes that animals are people too.