Monday, November 15, 2010

Showdown Of Animal NGOs and Ipoh Council Tomorrow

Ipoh dog-shooting nearing its end
ALL EYES of animal lovers around the nation will be firmly fixed on the Ipoh City Council (MBI) in Perak, starting tomorrow.

An unpopular city council with animal lovers
As many as seven animal and disability rights and welfare nongovernmental organisations will converge at the MBI's administrative building in Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil.

MP Kula to play mediator
Mooted by the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (PETPOSITIVE) - and arranged by Member of Parliament for Ipoh Barat M Kulasegaran - the purpose of the gathering is to meet up with the mayor and his top brass over the shooting of all dogs in the city.

DVS on dog-lovers' side
The NGOs hailing from Ipoh and Selangor will be echoing the last week's call by the Department of Veterinary Services for an immediate end to dog-shooting in the country.

They will be doing this by handing over a memorandum to the mayor to ask for a setting up of a proper pound for dogs in the city. 

Datuk Roshidi & Noah's Ark Ipoh's Dr Ranjit Kaur
They will also request for the setting up of a special monthly committee to look into canine issues.

It must also include the participation of the local NGOs in the discussions. 

Petpositive has learnt from a source that the Mayor Datuk Haji Roshidi Bin Haji Hashim who is a cat lover at heart is in full favour of scrapping the practice of dog-shooting for good.

He is apparently said to be looking forward to engaging with the special delegation at his office tomorrow.

If this is true, then it is indeed a very good sign that dog-shooting in Ipoh, at least, will be the first to do away with its cruel practice.

Petpositive, on its part, will highlight the special role that animal-assisted therapy plays in the lives of the disabled and the elderly citizens in a city.

We will tell the Datuk Bandar what a hero Spunk was in his many contributions to his elderly owner.

We will also ask for a waiver in the fees of dog licenses for the elderly and the disabled. 

They should also be given special tags so that dogs wearing them should not be caught.

If they somehow are, then they should be returned at once to their owners because of their special roles.

PET+BLOGSPOT hopes to bring our readers a 'live' report of the discussions with the Ipoh Mayor whenever we can. 

These will be available on our Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook services.

Stay tuned for more . . .     

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