Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Views On Dog-Shooting And Pet Responsibility

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Saturday November 13, 2010

Find humane way to solve problem of strays

TIME and again the public and NGOs advocating animal rights have vehemently protested about the shooting of stray dogs but sadly all these protests have been futile.

History has shown how dogs have been of magnificent service to mankind. The police use them to control law and order; sniffer dogs have thwarted drug dealers; seeing-eye dogs have guided the blind; therapy dogs assist the aged or physically challenged and so many of them have assisted in rescue work during disasters รข€” always putting their lives on the line for man.

Is this how we repay these noble creatures?

It must be made very clear that they are strays not of their own choosing.

If the authorities must fault someone, it should be their irresponsible owners.

We at the Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) have condemned the use of such counter-productive measures of solving the stray problem and have made many attempts to work with the authorities concerned to find a humane and effective solution to this age-old problem of strays in our city.

The time is nigh it would seem that the authorities take steps to work with the animal welfare groups on this matter.

As it is, the current method is not only terrible but totally unacceptable for our country that is at the threshold of achieving developed status.

The ISPCA feels that with the implementation of more effective measures, the stray problem can be tackled successfully.

Honorary Adviser, ISPCA.

The Star Letters, on Friday: 

Friday November 12, 2010

Animal lovers must take more responsibility for their pets

IT IS not surprising that many people empathise with animals in distress, but one may also wonder how many of them really care enough to eradicate stray dogs and cats especially in housing estates.

Adoption is one solution; birth control drugs and neutering/spaying are other means of controlling unwanted breeding.

Strays are the result of irresponsible animal “lovers” who generally have themselves to blame for not prioritising their animals’ health and care.

Many owners do not house-train their pets and sometimes this could be a contentious issue among neighbours. Some owners take their dogs for walks and dirty their neighbours’ yards and drive-ways.
Pet lovers should house-train their animals, including proper toilet-training within their own area – not in public places and certainly not in their neighbours space.

To our local councils and municipalities, a clear strategy is needed to eradicate strays dogs and cats, and problems associated with them.

Whatever steps taken, it should be comprehensive and the objective is cleanliness, public safety and health concern.

In case you have not noticed, rats are now a menace too. Rat population has exploded in areas where food waste are not disposed in a secure and hygienic manner, especially around restaurants and eateries. What effective action has been taken by our municipalities?

To animal lovers, please suggest permanent solutions to your municipalities instead of passing the buck. We have to progress as a modern state in managing matters concerning health, cleanliness and public safety in our towns and cities.

Kuala Lumpur.

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Patty said...

Oh how horrendous to shoot an innocent animal. They should have a humane society and help them or euthanize them. How archaic for this to happen nowadays when people should know better.