Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MBI Gives Up, Says Sorry And Bans All Dog-Shooting At Once,

P+ pix: aNt visits special friend at ISPCA after ban announcement 

Published: Tuesday November 16, 2010 MYT 3:45:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday November 16, 2010 MYT 3:46:40 PM

The Star

Ipoh bans shooting of strays


City council to use other methods to deal with stray animals

IPOH: The Ipoh City Council will implement a ban on the shooting of stray animals with immediate effect.
Speaking to reporters Tuesday after meeting council secretary Datuk Abdul Md Ariff yesterday, Petpositive president T. Anthony Siva Balan said the council had agreed to stop shooting strays and would use other methods to deal with them.

"The council will send its officers to their counterparts in Petaling Jaya next week to learn dog-catching methods," said Anthony, who is also Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) local councillor.

"They are also studying the possibility of setting up an animal pound to keep animals caught on the streets," he said.

He said the council would work closely with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in dealing with strays.

"A committee set up by the council will have meetings later to discuss neutering and spaying the animals," he added.

Anthony also said a representative from the council would visit the 75-year-old owner of Spunk, the therapy dog which was killed by council dog catchers late last month, to apologise for the unfortunate incident.

"Spunk's sacrifice was not in vain," said Anthony.

"Pet lovers can finally sleep soundly, knowing that their pets are safe from being shot at," he added.
On Oct 29, 10-year-old Spunk was shot dead after its owner left it unattended for a while to get toilet paper to clean after the animal.

The killing of the animal drew flak from numerous NGOs, who called for an immediate ban on dog shooting.
Earlier, several NGOs, including Petpositive, Noah's Ark Ipoh and the Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, jointly handed over a memorandum to ban animal shooting to Abdul Md Ariff.

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king kong kia said...

Thumbs up to all people who fight for animal's rights and Thank you to Ipoh MBI who finally banned the destroying of strays .
Spunk will be a name that no one of us will forget . And to the selfish people who adopt dogs but finally abandon them in the streets or at SPCA I would say : BUY AN ALARM SYSTEM ,IT DOESNT REQUIRE LOVE .