Friday, November 12, 2010

Ipoh City Council Keen To Meet Animal Groups


THE MEETING that was supposed to have taken place today with animal welfare groups and the Ipoh City Council (MBI) in Ipoh in Perak state will now NOT be taking place as we had hoped.

It will instead now take place early next week.

PETPOSITIVE from Kuala Lumpur, Noah's Ark and SPCA from Ipoh will be meeting with the MBI to put forward their demands for an effective end to animal cruelty by the council.

The groups will be calling for an immediate end to all dog-shooting by the council at once in compliance with the order issued by the Department of Veterinary Services in Putrajaya on Wednesday. 

The animal rights and welfare groups will be insisting for the establishment of a dog pound in order to tackle the stray dogs population in the city.

The group will also be urging for the setting up of a canine advisory council within the MBI to effectively deal with dog issues as a long-term plan.

The meeting is being organised by Member of Parliament for Ipoh Barat M Kulasegaran.  

The Yang Berhormat will also be leading the delegation for a powwow with the council.

Speaking to PET+BLOGSPOT yesterday evening, the MP said that the mayor and the secretary have expressed their willingness to meet up with the animal rights NGOs. 

"This is a very positive sign in the right direction," commented Anthony SB Thanasayan, President of Petpositive.

"With such an attitude, there is a very good chance that the animal NGOs and the MBI will be able to reach an understanding that will benefit all canines in the city," he added.

The meeting could take place as early as Tuesday.  

A press conference will be held immediately after the session. 

More details of this when it is available. 

Meanwhile, here is a letter that was sent yesterday to the media by Noah's Ark Ipoh on the issue of dog-shooting:     

The Editor

Star News.

11th November 2010

Dear Sir

Re:  How many hearts does City Council want to break?

The senseless shooting of dogs in Ipoh should be put to stop with immediate effect. The City council should work alongside the State Veterinary Department and various animal welfare groups to tackle the escalating stray dog and cat population.

Noah’s Ark Ipoh disagree that darting is the only way to trap these strays. There are other cheaper and more effective ways like looping, netting and cage trapping. These do not cost much and is a much more humane way than shooting.

At our recent meeting in August 2010 with the subcommittee Ipoh councilors (appointed to handle this problem) and veterinary department, these alternatives were explained and offered to them by Noah’s Ark Ipoh. 

It was also explained that the people involved with the shooting of dogs can be trained to use these simple methods.

So the question remains. Why is the Ipoh City Council still adamant on shooting when the alternatives are readily available to them?

Dr.Ranjit Kaur                                                               Malika Ramiah Oates
C/O Dr. Ranjit Kaur. 4 Tinkat Taman Ipoh 6. Ipoh Garden South. 31400. Ipoh. Perak. Tel: 05 5470644

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