Monday, November 08, 2010

Hive Of Activities From The Animal Therapy Centre

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THE EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION seems to just keep building up for all of us here at the PETPOSITIVE Therapy Centre.

And it seems like it has been the same for quite a few animal lovers and activists too everywhere.

We were just thrilled to bits when we read The Star's report today confirming what we reported yesterday.

The Perak state executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon was upset by the shooting to death of an elderly woman's therapy dog by the Ipoh City Council. (MBI).

What was an extra special bonus to us was to get this blog, PET+BLOGSPOT, mentioned in the newspaper.

It was also reported that Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, after visiting the victim - a retired teacher - had said that she was "devastated", "hurt" and "mentally broken down” from the incident.

Petpositive is glad that both politicians are able to see the gravity of the matter, as well as the value of animal-assisted therapy in one's life - in this case an elderly person.

According to The Star, MP Kula even went to the point of "lambasting the council for their inhumane treatment of the dog" as well as offering no "apology" nor "compensation" to the woman for their actions.

PET+BLOGSPOT has learnt that the scathing criticisms against the council's action have put the MBI in some sort of disarray.

According to a source, some important discussion is expected to take place in Ipoh tomorrow related to the dog-shooting tragedy.

MP Kula told PET+BLOGSPOT that he has already requested for a meeting on Friday with the MBI's top brass and is awaiting their confirmation.

PETPOSITIVE will be joining the MP for that appointment - if it transpires.

Dr Ranjit Kaur from the protem Noah's Ark group in Ipoh is expected to also join in with that meeting. 

The veterinarian is also working behind the scenes to follow up on today's report, she says.

Meanwhile, Ipoh SPCA's president Dr Goh Hue Lang says she hopes to broach the issue with Datuk Dr Mah himself. 

She promised to also invite Petpositive to participate in that meeting if it transpires.

A spokesperson from the Department of Veterinary Services in Putrajaya says that their planned meeting on Wednesday with animal rights and welfare groups and the various government bodies is right on schedule. 

The exact time of the morning meeting, however, will only be announced tomorrow.

Apart from animal issues, Petpositive will be taking part in other meetings this week.

On Thursday, members of the Society will be attending a special afternoon session after lunch in a leading hotel in Kuala Lumpur. 

This will be to discuss disabled-friendly facilities in all major developments in the country. 

On Saturday, two Petpositive members, Yam Tong Woo and Ooi Phak Hong, a husband-and-wife team of representatives for the blind, will be attending an equality rights and non discrimination  one day forum in Brickfields in KL.

It is being organised by the women's activist group called Tenaganita.

Finally on Sunday, a group called The Trailblazers will be holding a press conference at the Petpositive Therapy Centre to help raise some funds for Our Society in February of 2011.

This will certainly be a great start for us in the coming new year!       

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