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World Animal Day: PJ to launch ‘Dog Forum’

Thursday, October 8th, 2009 08:51:00
good move
GOOD MOVE: Dr Sadiah (left) listening to Thanasayan explaining the purpose of the forum which will be held on Sunday

ARE dogs man’s best friend, or worst enemy? The question triggers different answers. As a result, Petaling Jaya Municipal Council’s Health Department is joining with the Department of Veterinary Services,
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA), Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Pet Positive, local councils in Selangor and other NGOs to launch a forum, simply titled, “Dog Forum” this Sunday, Oct 11.
In conjunction with World Animal Day, the forum will be launched by Selangor Exco member Ronnie Liu and will see the council addressing problems faced by residents regarding dogs.
Canine Action Team committee chairman Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan said the forum is a great ground as it brings all the forces together.
“The point of the forum is to educate residents, be it pet lovers or haters, how dogs should be treated. It’s special to us because this is the first time a local council is working together with the NGOs and the city council is pleased to organise the event.”
“This is important because the council will be able to get in touch with the residents directly. We want to educate them and make them understand so that everyone can work things out together,” he said.
Thanasayan said some 200 participants are expected to join the forum which will feature four speakers.
These are the president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST) Dr Chandra Muzaffar, SPCA chairman Christina Chin, Petaling District veterinary officer Dr Thiba Rajoo, city council’s Health Department director Dr Sadiah Abdullah and Thanasayan.
Meanwhile, Dr Sadiah said the council faces the problem of many stray dogs on the streets that are not easy to catch.
“There’s a technique to it and while most animal lovers find it cruel, that’s when I’ll come in to give a talk on how we do our job. Instead of being accused, we’d like to explain how we get things done by showing a video of us catching stray dogs. It’s going to be a two-way communication,” she said.
“We promise that all residents will be given a chance to talk about their problems. It’s good to own a dog but owners should know their responsibilities and vice-versa.
“The real speakers are the residents themselves, we are just trying to address the problems and take opinions given into consideration,” said Sadiah.
Thanasayan summed it up with the words: “Most people get dogs for the wrong reasons. “But people should know this, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.”

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