Sunday, September 27, 2009

MBPJ Dog Forum - Another History Making Event in Petaling Jaya

FRIENDS, it is only two weeks more before another history-making event is achieved in Petaling Jaya. 

The latest is a first-ever dog forum by the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya. It will be organised at the PJ Library in Old Town.    

For the very first time dog lovers and those with particularly no-interest for canines or pets will be attending a four-hour forum on dogs to discover if they are truly man's best friend or their worst enemy.

The brainchild of MBPJ Councillor Anthony SB Thanasayan, the forum is expected to bring together Petaling Jaya residents from both sides of the views in a meaningful awareness raising showcase that will feature a dialogue sessions where residents can voice out their views. 

"Dog-lovers and non pet lovers have often been at loggerheads with one another on the same issue of responsible pet ownership but have never had a chance - until now - to come together and learn from each other's grievances that has often inadvertently pulled local councils into the fray," said Thanasayan who is Head of the Canine Advisory Team or CAT; the only special committee to look into dog welfare in the State of Selangor.

"We certainly hope that by the end of the half-day event, participants will come away with a more enlightened point of view on the thorny issue of pets which has dogged councils for years," added Thanasayan.

The Forum to be launched by YB Ronnie Liu and the MBPJ Mayor will feature Dr Chandra Muzaffar as the keynote speaker on "A Just World for Animals." Other presentations will come from SPCA Selangor, Petpositive, the Department of Veterinary Science and MBPJ's Dog Unit. 

Registrations starts at 7.30am. The event proper will begin at 8.30am until 2pm. A light breakfast, tea and lunch will be provided. 

The Dog Forum is open to all residents of Petaling Jaya. The Petaling Jaya Library Hall in Old Town, PJ, has a capacity crowd of 300 people.

Please go to and click under Events to initially register yourselves for the Forum.

See you there!

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