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Readers concerned about dogs

Dawn Chan
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‘Streets’ readers are providing options on how to save the dogs.
‘Streets’ readers are providing options on how to save the dogs.

KUALA LUMPUR: Ever since Streets front-paged the story of a dog lover who is in trouble with the law for having 15 strays in his house, concerned readers have been writing and calling us expressing their views on the matter.

Many were especially concerned that Tan Tiam Seng, a 65-year-old retiree, had been given a week to remove the strays from his home in Taman Sri Segambut.

Some offered suggestions on possible shelters where Tan could send the dogs as they were concerned that the dogs would be put to sleep by the authorities.

Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive) secretary Shenaaz Khan said it was impossible for Tan to remove or re-home the dogs in seven days.

"Instead of giving Tan the ultimatum, City Hall and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or even the area's Residents' Association should have been engaged to seek an amicable solution.

"The burden should not be left to Tan to shoulder as he is a responsible pet owner who has spayed and neutered the strays he picked up.

"He is defiant because he loves the dogs and knows their fate should they be sent to the animal shelters," she said.

Shenaaz said they are planning to meet up with City Hall and Tan to explore the possibilities of extending help.

Tan's plight was highlighted by Streets on Tuesday where it was reported that he had been told to find new homes for his dogs as it was against City Hall's rules which allow only one dog in every household.

Tan, who lives with his wife in their rented single-storey terrace house in Jalan Udang Kepai, had been advised to find new homes for the dogs by Segambut member of parliament Lim Lip Eng following complaints by residents in the area.

Tan's neighbours had complained about the foul stench and some claimed that the common drains were clogged with the dogs' faeces.

In an e-mail, a reader who only wanted to be known as Myza expressed her sadness that Tan was only given seven days to remove his dogs.

Myza wrote: "Remember the case in Seremban where the local authority shot dead all the dogs after the owner failed to remove them?

"I pray hard it would not happen to these dogs. Knowing that Streets has come in, I hope City Hall would think twice before doing anything barbaric to them. This would definitely enrage the public."

Fearing that there will be difficulty in re-homing the adult dogs as those wishing to adopt would normally go for puppies, Myza wondered if shelters such as the Furry Friends Farm or Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better or other independent rescuers could intervene.

Echoing Myza, pet lover, Azimah Othman wrote in suggesting that Furry Friends Farm would be able to help.

Azimah said: "I don't earn much but I am an animal lover. I might not be able to contribute much but please do let me know if I could help. I'd be more than glad to do my bit."

However, another reader, who gave her name only as Rozie, took the Selayang Municipal Council to task after claiming that it had failed to act against a house owner in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, who had seven dogs.

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