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The Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association or Petpositive rushed to the aid of an elderly couple in Segambut last Friday.

The mission, headed by Our Society's Assistant Secretary, Shenaaz Khan, was to find a reprieve for the Chinese couple from having their pet dogs confiscated from the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL).

The trouble according to a local English newspaper began when an Member of Parliament visited the home of the elderly folk and threatened to have their dogs removed because they were causing a nuisance to their neighbours.

The couple have been looking after close to 20 abandoned dogs which they picked up from the streets.

They have been caring for the hapless creatures for over two years. The elderly couple spend their own money to feed the canines and allow the creatures a shelter in their home.

"I'm amazed at how much the couple love their dogs and have kept their home clean by looking after their pets," commented S Gopalasingam, a Petpositive committee member during last Friday's visit.

Gopal who is in his seventies also has a Golden Retriever as a pet. Adviser to Petpositive, Datin Rose Diana said she was also deeply touched by the elderly couple's love for the dogs which they treat like their own children.

She contributed RM500.00 to the couple to help them with their good work.

"We fully understand that the dogs pose a problem to the neighbours," said Shenaaz. "However, ordering the couple to get rid of their dogs within seven days was being very insensitive on the part of the MP concerned," she explained.

"What they need is some time and help to rehome the dogs," she concluded.

Petpositive's President aNt and helper David Devadas was also at the scene to show their support for the couple. The story was covered by Nanyang Siang Pau Chinese daily.

Meanwhile, people are still talking about The Star's report recently about the Kuala Kubu Home for the mentally disabled called Sinar Harapan that reportedly mistreated their residents. Yesterday's Star had a letter from a top director of the Welfare Department answering to criticisms from the public.

WEEKEND VIEW this Saturday will carry Wheel Power's take on the issue. So do keep a date with PET+BLOGSPOT then.

Finally, the list of all the remaining councillors in Selangor is expected to be unveiled later today.

All eyes are on the two councillors in Petaling Jaya and Selayang to see if their former posts will be returned to them


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