Friday, July 24, 2009

Has Anthony SB Thanasayan Been Dropped Off The List? - StarMetro report

Thursday July 23, 2009

Nine more councillors for MBPJ sworn in


NINE more councillors were sworn in for the 2009/10 term at the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) on July 22.

The only new face in the line-up was R. Selvarajan, 51, from Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya.

He said that he is very much a local guy and works in the hotel industry.

“There are many things that the state government is giving the people and my task is to make it known. I am not sure what my portfolio will be but I will do what is necessary,” he said.

All smiles: Roslan (centre) with Selvarajan (left) and Yeoh after the swearing in ceremony.

He also said that his hotel service background would be helpful in serving the community.

Councillors reappointed for the second term are Mohd Halil Harun, Ahmad Yusof Ludin, Halimey Abu Bakar, Muzammil Hafiz, V.Panneerselvam and Richard Yeoh.

Yeoh, who was supposed to move to the Shah Alam City Council, said that it was the state government’s decision to retain him at MPBJ.

“There were uncertainties before the final decision was made but I am happy to continue my work here since I live in PJ,” he said.

During the ceremony, councillors Tiew Way Keng and Dr Melasutra Md Ali were also sworn in.

Tiew and Dr Melastura were unable to attend the previous ceremony on July 10 due to work commitments.

According to Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman, they are still waiting for one more vacancy to be filled by the state government.

He said that this would be filled by someone from the People With Disability (PWD) group.

StarMetro spoke to former Petaling Jaya city councillor Anthony Thanasayan, who said he was unsure if he had been dropped from the line-up.

He said that the decision would only be known at the end of the month.

“There is still an opening for the PWD. I am disappointed that I am not there yet because there is a lot of work to be done.

“Even if I am dropped, I will continue to work for the community,” he said.

During the previous ceremony, only 15 councillors were sworn in for the 2009/10 term. They are Roslan, Syed Abd Malik Syed A.Hamid Al Jafree, Ghazali Shaari, Latheefa Koya, Mak Khuin Weng, Mahharul Ismail, Michael Soon Kwai Choy, Tang Fuie Koh, Kamarudin Suhaimi, Ramakrishnan Suppiah, Derek John Fernandez, Chan Chee Kong, Cynthia Gabriel, Tiong Boon Keong and Terrence Tan Teck Seng.

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