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PETPOSITIVE regrets to announce the passing away of The Ancient Mariner Captain Yusof Ahmad.

According to his blog ( ) the gentleman was a former pilot superintendent of the Klang Port Authority and pioneeer general manager of West Port. He was freelancing as a Port and Marine Consultant and Maritime Arbitrator when he died in his home last night during his sleep. I never personally met Capt Yusof but here is his blog on a Petpositive story he wrote about comments by Capt Karim Stuart Russell two years ago:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Walking the Talk

(Source: Petpositive)

Fellow mariner Capt. Abdul Karim Stuart Russell, a regular commenter in my blog, is a man who likes to walk the talk. Although retired, he is still active as adviser to the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive) and Secretary for the Support Group Society for the Blind of Malaysia or Supporteam.

In recent letters to Malaysiakini and the NST, Capt. Karim wrote: "The International Day of Disabled Persons on Dec 3 was yet another wonderful opportunity to promote understanding and increase public awareness of disability issues, and to promulgate the importance of integration and the well-being of people with disabilities." However, he expressed disappointment that little is still being done to help them access facilities, transport, etc.

"Half-hearted action, lip service, discrimination and marginalisation will not help disabled persons in Malaysia live an independent, integrated, dignified, equitable, productive, and happy lives during which they can raise a family and contribute to the well-being of their family and the nation. Effective, well-thought out and wide-ranging legislation and strict enforcement outlawing the discrimination of persons with disabilities will be a concrete step forward," he added. "Malaysia," Capt. Karim asserts,"needs a comprehensive Disability Discrimination Act."

Way to go, Stu.

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stanley said...

We all can talk till it rains cat and dogs and no concrete action is taken ,it is simply discuss at dialog session, at press release, at post election talks and so on. What we need is action like what MBPJ did the disabled friendly payment at jalan gasing . Can we stop all the talking and put the Disable Act passed in Parliament into action .