Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association [PETPOSITIVE] would like to express our warm "Thank You" to the following two individuals for helping us distribute our POSITIVE LIVES! Newsletters.

  1. Cik Norani Hj Mohd Hashim, Director of the Department for People with Disabilities at the Welfare Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. She has kindly agreed to help distribute 100 copies of our Newsletter to her contacts which include heads of disability departments in our other states in Malaysia. By doing so, Norani will greatly assist PETPOSITIVE in our objectives to raise much needed awareness about the positive effects of animal-assisted therapy for disabled and the elderly Malaysians. Norani, who is on our PET+BLOGSPOT LIST was PETPOSITIVE'S VIP Guest at our Official Launching and Fundraising Dinner, called "Positive Living Through The Power Of Pets" at the Legend Hotel in July of this year. She is one of the few able-bodied persons I know who is very well versed about disability and our rights issues.
  2. Mr Huang Chia Ming, Communications Manager of Boulevard Hotel & Cititel Mid Valley of Mid Valley City in Kuala Lumpur for agreeing to distribute 40 copies of our Newsletter to their contacts. Chia Ming was instrumental in sponsoring a Xmas Party for 60 disabled and elderly persons in his hotels and in Mid Valley. Details of this coming up soon .

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stanislaus said...

It is with great pleasure to see Cik
Norani from JKM and Mr Huang Chia Ming of Cititel Mid Valley using their office to distribute The POSITIVE LIVES newsletters. It will be great if people all around Malaysia come forward to distribute the newsletter so that all get to know what are the objective of PET POSITIVE