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BUT FIRST, don't forget: Tune in to TraxxFM on Thursday to hear Petpositive's 'live' interview about our Valentina Project on October 30, 2007. DETAILS.

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Story One:


WITH 750 invitation cards printed and only 60-days till show-time; the clock ticked away feverishly.

To make matters even more challenging, AAT was a totally new and untested field.
The biggest boost, initially was when Ramli Ibrahim accepted to perform FOC followed by the other artistes and emcees.

TraxxFM also made a crucial role, not just in helping Petpositive distribute our tickets but more importantly in raising awareness about AAT.

For more than two weeks everyday aNt appeared live on the national broadcaster for 10-minutes in the mornings to talk about the subject.

Our unique message reached as far away as Penang, Sarawak, Singapore and even Australia. Some of it through the newspapers on the Internet.

The Legend Hotel itself decided to construct a first-ever ramp to the stage of its Ballroom. It will now be made available to other patrons in wheelchairs in future.
Thanks to all in the organizing team with special mention to Dr VJ, Capt Karim, Fasidah, Andrew, Dr Jon & Indran from Legend Hotel.

“The smiles that I saw on the faces of the disabled and elderly guests said it all!”
- Capt Karim, Event Organiser

Story Two:


Malaysia’s very first national Society to use animals to empower and raise the quality of lives of persons with disabilities — and the elderly — became a reality on June 7, 2006.
The epoch-making moment which was heralded by scores of disabled Malaysians, the elderly and pet-lovers, came about with the official registration of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association or PETPOSITIVE by the Registrar Of Societies (ROS) in Kuala Lumpur.

Ironically, news of PET+’S establishment had coincided around the same time when many Malaysians were reeling over the shocking news reports about a local council breaking into an elderly brother and sister’s home and cold-bloodedly shot-dead 13 of their dogs.
Pet+ joined forces with other animal-rights NGOs at once to condemn the action.
The groups also initiated legal action against those responsible for the extremely cruel act. (Go to page 4)

“Animals have feelings and rights too. Let’s make the world a better place for all living beings.” - Anon

Story Three:

SEPTEMBER 5, 2006: Pet+ First AGM

CRUSADERS on a mission to combat loneliness with a lending paw from pets:
(Back Row): Dr Chew; Andrew; Dr Vijay; Dr Jon & Dr Kathi.
(Front Row): Dr Malinee; Stanley (Internal auditor); Dr Padma; Dr Amara & Sara.
(Seated): aNt. (Tired of posing): Soo the Golden Retriever.
(Not in picture): Dr Roohi.
Note: Dr Chew resigned in July 2007 and was replaced by Dr Anna.


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