Friday, November 23, 2007

Petpositive Visits The Dark Side


LAST NIGHT three astoundingly gutsy (and quite naive) Petpositivians risked their all to confront ghosts, blood-slurping vampires and evil warlords!

Why on earth for? Just so that some of the Society's members can have a real scream on Fright Night on world disabled day next month.

Petpositive's Adviser Captain Abdul Karim Stuart Russell, soon-to-be-Committee Member Fasidah Sabeh and aNt checked out the haunted mansion in SS17 in Petaling Jaya.

aNt chickened out at the last minute. This left Capt Karim and Idah to brave the demons by themselves.

After climbing a flight of stairs and no sooner had they entered into the Devil's lair when they were suddenly attacked by night creatures from all sides.

Here are some of the pictures Capt Karim took as he fought hard to save Idah from the haunted house that was crawling with all sorts of creepy characters.

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The End

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